Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Suzerain Gig Review 12 Jan 2005

Taken from Feb 2005 issue of Spill magazine

As Suzerain start the first thing that hits you is a sound so large that it impacts physically on the audience. Within a few bars of opener ‘Together Insane’ the girls are dancing and the boys are nodding along to their electropoprocking grooves.

There is some serious juxtaposition going on here, for every pop twist there is a sinister turn. The keyboards veer from decadent eighties gloss to altogether more sinister pulses and swaves, ironically enough guitarist Rich Summers gives the impression of a young Bernard Summers, all skinny tie and menacing guitars underpinned by the throbbing basslines of Mike Smith. Frontman Tom oozes stage presence, genuine vocal ability and can communicate naturally with the audience. Including the random crazy tambourine and maraca shaking old hippy. Yes, really.

Songs such as ‘Neverland’ and ‘Bleeding Art’ are tight, heavy, catchy, accessible and confidently delivered. Catch these guys in an intimate setting while you still can because with performances, songs and attitude like this the only way is up baby for Suzerain.

Andrew Bennett


Anonymous said...

Wicked one Bennett. However, does he mean Bernard SumNER, of New Order fame, or does Rich have some elder relative who rocked that we don't know about? Other than Uncle Jeff and the mighty State Trooper, of course:-)

Anonymous said...

Its all in the spell check and the sneaky eyes that tell no lies...Slip of the finger{{{{

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