Thursday, December 22, 2005

Thanks for the best year!

Hey Everybody,

Just wanted to drop you all a line to say Happy Christmas! Thanks for all your amazing support this year, we've had quite a time!!

We've had some amazing gigs, worked with some fantastic people and met all of you!! We couldn't have asked for more!

We'd love to see you all down at Madame JoJos next Thursday 29th Dec for The Glitz Xmas party, it's gonna be quite a gig, there's 4 bands playing, we're on stage at about 10:15. Entry is £5 with a flyer (click here to download). It's gonna be a real party atmosphere in there!!

We've then got a very cool gig on Monday 2nd Jan 2006 with Horsebox and Radio 1 breakfast show heros Milk Kan. It's an event called Hair of the Dog and it's at the Purple Turtle in Camden, gig starts at 8:00pm, we're on stage just after 10:00 - come and welcome in the new year with us!

2006 is already shaping up to be an exciting year, we've got some really exciting gigs lined up and lots of new material for you (some of which you'll hear at the next gigs...).

Thanks again, you guys are amazing! Have a great Christmas and New Year!



P.S. Keep dressing S*XY!!

Suzerain Gig - Thursday 29th Dec - Madame JoJos Xmas Party!
Check out the video for Life On Film!!

Monday, December 19, 2005

Xmas Party - Thursday 29th Dec 2005

Well hello everybody!

How you all doing? Christmas is nearly upon us! Time for food, booze and merriment! It also means it's nearly time for the Suzerain Christmas Gig!!!

We're playing our home away from home, Madame JoJos, as part of The
Glitz Xmas Party
on Thursday 29th Dec 2005. By then you should all have recovered from the inevitable indulgences of Christmas day and be ready to let your hair down and bring your sexy selves down for a party!!

Entry is 5 with a flyer (click here & see below), doors open at 9:00pm, we're on stage at about 10:00. Cheap drinks ALL NIGHT!

Also playing are the oh so cool Receiver and Pornovurt who you may have seen playing at quite a few of our other gigs recently...

We'd also like to let you know that as Jim is recovering from his dodgy foot, we are pleased to announce the introduction of Ben, our stand in drummer! This guy is an absolute demon behind a drum kit, he produces beats so infectious we are legally obliged to warn you of their potency.

See you all next Thursday - Dress SEXY!!!


P.S. If you've ever wondered what Suzerain actually means, check out our mySpace page (

P.P.S. Keep checking website for details of a 'hair of the dog' post new years party...

Click here for map to Madame JoJos

Friday, November 25, 2005



Life On Film was recorded live at the Marquee Club inLeicester Square in the heart of London - UK.

The entire video was shot by fans of the band on their mobile phones, the material was then edited and put together by young video director Paul Stevenson (Visual Hybrid -

The inspiration for the video was the use and influence of mobile phones in our modern world.

Their uses range from donating money to disaster funds, to detonating weapons of terror. The mobile phone has changed the way the world communicates. Suzerain reflect this with this video.

For more information see or

Video Edited & Produced by Paul Stevenson - Visual Hybrid
Filmed Live @ The Marquee - Leicester Square July 2005
Thanks to all fans/Suzerettes who sent in footage from their phones,
including Natalie, Sophie, Rob, Steve, Jon, Lee & Dale!!

Suzerain Gig & Music Video Online Now!!

Hey Everybody,

Brrr it's cold! Hope you're all wrapped up warm!

2 GREAT things to tell you...

Firstly, a reminder that we're playing the oh so cool and trendy Metro club on Oxford Street on Monday (28th Nov - 19-23 Oxford Street - London), doors open at about 9:00pm, we're on stage just after 10:00. The whole place stays open after the gig and turns into a great club. Entry is £4 with a flyer (see BE THERE!!

Secondly - we've finished the much anticipated 'Life on Film' video!! If you don't remember (or weren't on the mailing list/a friend) we asked you guys to film us playing our song 'Life on Film' when we played the Marquee back in July. Well the video has now been cut and edited by video director Paul Stevenson (Visual Hybrid

Take a look at to view the video, or alternatively go to - you can view it and download it to your computer from there.

We decided to use mobile phones to record a music video for a few reasons, a) mobile phones have invaded peoples lives so much over the past few years. b) people have used mobile phones to donate money for crisis's, yet also to detonate weapons of terror c) it was cheaper than getting a video company in!

Massive thanks to all of you who sent in footage - you're mentioned on our myspace. If we've forgotten to include you please email in and we'll sort it out!! We love the videos you sent in!

So take a look and let us know what you think...

Catch you on Monday!


Mon 28th Nov - Suzerain @ Metro - 19-23 Oxford Street
Check out the video for Life On Film!!

Friday, November 04, 2005

Sexy Suzerain T Shirts & Gig Of The Decade

Well hello there!

Hope you're all having a fabulous Friday – we're nearly at the weekend!

This is a reminder about our fantastic gig next Saturday at the Camden Underworld in support of the latest hot sensation The Modern. Tickets are £7.50 if you buy them from us – or a fair bit more on the door or through London ticket agencies. We're rapidly selling out of tickets but have secured a limited amount of extras, if you are getting a Suzer-coach you still need to buy your ticket in advance to ensure entry to the gig. Please email to reserve yours now.

We have some other fantastic news, we have Suzerain T Shirts available! See the pics below for examples. They're colour printed on decent material and will make you look like s*x on legs! WOOF! Plus – send us a pic of yourself wearing one of the T Shirts and we'll send you a free CD!! Sweet. If you want to pre-order you T Shirt email us at and don't forget state what size you want (small, medium, large, x-large), cost will be about £10 – we'll let you know exactly when you order.

That's all for now – have a great weekend all of you and see you next Saturday!

Dress S*XY!


Gig: Suzerain @ Camden Underworld
Date: Sat 12th Nov 2005
Doors: 7:00pm
On Stage: 8:30pm
Price: £7.50 in advance - more on night
Dress code: S*xy as you like

Sat 12th Nov - Suzerain @ The Underworld - Camden

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Suzerain - Thanks For Tuning In & Voting!

Hey everyone,

Massive thanks to everyone who tuned in to hear our song 'Life on Film' last night on Londons XFM!!

Massive thanks to all those who've been voting for us too!! Voting ends tonight at midnight, so if you fancy squezing off some more votes go for it!!

Quick page to voting is here

You guys rule!! Thanks to everyone who re-posted and their frinds who listened and voted too!!!

The show's DJ was Claire Sturgess - she's one of the most rockin DJ's out there at the moment!, if you liked the show let her know...



Sunday, October 16, 2005

We're gonna be on XFM Unsigned - Between 10:00-11:00pm

Suzerain on XFM!!!

Claire Sturgess will be playing our song 'Life On Film' on XFM Unsigned on Wednesday the 19th October between 10:00 and 11:00pm!!!

You can hear XFM around London/M25 on 104.9 FM. Alternatively if you are anywhere else in the UK/World you can tune in online at

Once the show has been aired you can vote for us if we get enough votes we'll be played during the day on the following Friday!!!

You can hear the song right now at

Dress SEXY!!!

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Flyer for Madame JoJos Gig - 13th October 2005

Click here to download flyer

Hi Guys,

The flyer above is for our gig at Madame JoJos on Thursday 13th October. Entry is £5.00 with a printout of the flyer.

Catch you guys there!!!


Tuesday, September 27, 2005

It's Coming Home...

You can feel it in the ether, the rumours are spreading. We can confirm it!!

Suzerain will be returning to the hallowed ground that is Madame JoJos in the heart of SOHO on Thursday the 13th October, for a night of storming music and dancing!

Also playing will be 'Kings Have Long Arms', they've been getting rave reviews all over the place - definitely one to watch!!

This is gonna be a night of epic proportions, so make sure you arrive at the venue by 9:00 to guarantee entry - it gets damn busy in there! Entry will be around a fiver with a Suzerain flyer (watch this space).

As always JoJos is known for it's cheap booze - bottles of Stella only £2.50 and vodka plus a mixer is only £2.00.

For those that don't know - DRESS SEXY!!!


(remember to check out our brand new tracks at mySpace

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Flyer for Brixton Jamm Gig

Hey guys, here's the flyer for our gig tonight at the Brixton Jamm.

Gig starts at around 7:30, we're on stage at around 9:00. This is a fantastic venue and a great promotion company (Who's Jack), check out their magazine by clicking here, turn to page 7 - it's us!

Also playing are Puggy (who are also playing Reading festival this weekend) and The Rival Joustas who are also an excellent band.

See you there! DRESS SEXY!!


P.S. Don't forget to check out our mySpace site ( - where you can hear our latest tracks!

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Newest Tracks!! Be our friend on MySpace...

Hey you all!

We've been staying up till dawn for weeks now working on brand new material for you guys. You can check it out at our brand spanking new mySpace Account ( If you use mySpace - add us to your friends! It's also got our next 3 gigs posted up there...

We've also been going through the mountains of photos we've got of the band, we'll be overhauling the gallery section soon - apologies for it taking so long!

Our beloved Drummer Jim is about to embark on a perilous journey so scale Africa's Mt Kilimanjaro (yes - really!), so our gig next week at the Brixtom Jamm (Wed 24th August) with Who's Jack Promotions is gonna be our last for a couple of months. Get down there!

We've got loads of footage from you guys from our last gig at the Marquee, we're currently in the process of putting it together - keep watching the website for a release date. There's also plenty of footage of you guys and gals getting down on the dance floor - you're gonna be in the movies!

Take it easy all of you - catch you next Wednesday!!

Tom, Rich, Mike, Lloyd & Jim (i'm gonna climb a bloody massive bleedin mountain me!) O'Sullivan

Monday, August 01, 2005

Suzerain - Marquee & YOUR MUSIC VIDEO

Hey party people!

Just wanted to say a massive thanks to everyone who came down to The Marquee on Friday night. What an awesome night! Yet again you guys totally filled and rocked the place, again making us the band with the biggest crowd – even though we were first on!

We’ve already received a few of your videos from your phones from the gig – keep sending them in, we want as much footage as possible for our video of Life on Film. Don’t worry if it’s blurry, blocky or whatever, we want it all, especially ones of you guys in the crowd. Remember, this is going to be the first time a band has ever done this – so send them in and be part of music history! Send all your videos/photos to or txt/mms them to 07782 126 346. We promise to give everyone who contributes to the video a credit in the video and a special mention on the website.

We’ve got more great gigs coming up in the following weeks, keep checking the website and blog for details!

Tom, Rich, Mike, Lloyd & Jim

Friday, July 22, 2005

Suzerain LIVE at The Marquee - Be in our Video!

Suzerain LIVE at The Marquee - Leicester Square - London

The time is near...

Above is the flyer for our gig at The Marquee in Leicester Square - London (click here to download flyer). The gig is on Friday 29th July, doors open at 7:00pm, we're on stage at 8:30pm. Entry is £5 with the above flyer - more without. It's a special gig, let me tell you why...

We're putting a video together for our new song 'Life On Film' and we want your help. We're gonna be the first band to produce a music video composed with footage shot from camera/video phones - and we want you to be the camera men/women. If you have a phone that takes video clips or photos clear some of the memory and bring it to the gig, when the song comes on and we give the signal, film as much as you can of absolutely everything going on around you. We want footage of absolutely everything going on: people dancing, shouting, laughing/crying, (even) the band playing - whatever. Don't worry if your phone only takes short clips, doesn't record sound or you don't think the quality is that great, we want it all!

You can then email your video clips to, or MMS them to phone number 07782 126 346. Don't forget to include your name!

For every video we use, we'll put the senders name in the film and of course up on the website.

See you all at the gig!

Tom, Rich, Mike, Lloyd & Jim

P.S. As a lot of you could be immortalised on film - dress sexy!

Monday, July 11, 2005

Suzerain Tramshed - Flyer - 16th July 2005

Hey Everybody,

Big thanks to all of you who made it down to the Halfmoon in Putney on Friday! It was great to see so many of you there! A big hand also to The Teasers + The Missing Man, both of who totally rocked the place!

Here's the flyer for our headline gig at the Tramshed in Tooting on Saturday 16th July. It's a night of film, art and music - with directors showcasing films, live graffiti, musicians and bands. Doors open at 7:30 but we won't be on till 10:45. Entrance is £5 with flyer.

We've got loads of photos to add to the gallery, but if you have any, send them to us!

See you on Saturday!

Tom, Rich, Mike, Lloyd & Jim


Friday, July 08, 2005

Suzerain Play Halfmoon Tonight

Hey Everybody,

After a day such as yesterday we can't wait to see you all tonight down at the Halfmoon in Putney. It's gonna be a great night and we're looking forward us much as you are to letting our hair down and having a good one.

Doors open at 8:00, we're on stage at 10:00. Entry is £5.00. Also playing are the excellent Teasers and Missing Man. No flyers necessary for this gig!

See you there.

Tom, Rich, Mike, Lloyd & Jim

Map to Halfmoon Putney

P.S. Dress Sexy ;-)

Next Gig - Fri 8th July - Halfmoon Putney

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Putney Gig - Revised Door Price - £5.00 - Oops!

Hi Guys,

This is just a quick note to say we made a little error on the flyers for our headline gig at the Halfmoon in Putney - it's actually £5.00 on the door, not £4.00.

You can purchase tickets for £4.00 - you just have to buy them through the Halfmoon website.

Cheers guys, see you there!

Tom, Rich, Mike, Lloyd, Jim

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Suzerain - Halfmoon - Putney - Fri 8th July

Hey Everybody,

Here's the flyer for our next gig. It's at the Hafmoon in Putney.

It's on Friday 8th July, we'll be on stage at 10:00pm. Entry is £4.00. Flyer optional.

Click on the flyer to print one out.

See you there!

Tom, Rich, Mike, Lloyd & Jim!

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Suzerain Photo Shoot & Headlining Halfmoon in Putney

Hi Everybody,

Just want to say thanks to all of you who made it down to the Hope & Anchor on Monday - we had a great gig and you guys really went for it. We can't believe you guys sing along so much! And the dancing!

The picture above is sneak peek from our recent photo shoot with photographer Gavin Aslett and stylist Antony Price (Duran Duran, Roxy Music, Rolling Stones, Bowie etc). More pics from the shoot will be up on the gallery page in the next few days.

We're getting ready for our next gig on the Friday the 8th July - we're headlining the Halfmoon in Putney. Flyers will be available very soon, watch out for posters popping up too...

Ok guys and gals - stay safe and keep your emails coming in - we love 'em!

Tom, Rich, Mike, Lloyd, Jim

Friday, June 10, 2005

Suzerain - Hope & Anchor - Mon 13th June 05

Click here to download flyer for Hope & Anchor Gig - SUZERAIN
Hey everybody,

We're playing at the Hope & Anchor in Islington on Monday the 13th of June. It's gonna be a great night - we'll be debuting yet more brand new material!

Gig starts 8:30 - £4.50 with above flyer.

Catch you guys there - DRESS SEXY!

Tom, Rich, Lloyd, Mike & James

Monday, May 23, 2005

Suzerain become most booked band...

On Thursday 19th May 2005 Suzerain became the most re-booked band at Madame JoJos in SOHO - in the past 2 years, making a record 4 appearances!

Big thanks go out to Flag Promotions, all the staff at Madame JoJos and John the excellent sound engineer.

We'll have some photos from the gig up on the website gallery in the coming days. Thanks to all of you who came to any of our JoJo shows and kept us getting re-booked!

Friday, May 13, 2005

Suzerain - Thursday May 19th 2005 - Madame Jojos - SOHO & New Media

Good morning fellow children of Satan... whoops, wrong post!!!

Hello everyone, hope you are all well!

We here at Suzerain Inc. are happy to announce the availibility of BRAND NEW songs in our Download section! You can now listen to set favourites 'Together Insane' & 'Wasted'. Happy listening!

Also we have some BRAND NEW promotional shots in our Gallery section taken by photographer Keir Harris and some new rehearsal pictures, so check 'em out!

Our main story tonight however is our last appearance for a while atlegendary venue Madame Jojos in the heart Londons' sexy/seedy SOHO district!! We will be playing there Thursday 19th May 2005 with trash-rockers Pornovurt and Dangerlust. As ever the drinks are cheap (£2 for a bottle of stella or spirit & mixer! Bargain!) and the dresscode is SEXY!!

Entry is £6 or £5 with a flyer. Doors Open 8:45pm, we'll be on stage by about 9:45pm.

Come and check us out at our spiritual home, it promises to be a LARGE one!

See you soon and stay beautiful...

Tom, Rich Lloyd, Mike & St James

P.s. You can download a pre-prepared page with 4 flyers on it by clicking here.

Friday, April 29, 2005

Suzerain - Mike's Ready to ROCK + Next Gig

Hey Everybody,

How you all doing!?

Firstly, thanks to everyone for the good wishes for Mike's broken hand, your cosmic vibes obviously did the trick as he's made a full recovery.

We've got a gig coming up on the 19th of May at our home away from home Madame Jojos in SOHO, we're supporting Trash Rockers Pornovurt. It'll probably our last gig at this classic venue for a while so we intend to make it a big night! Miss it at your peril, remember - CHEAP DRINKS! Flyer and door times to follow soon...

We've currently got a great review of our recent gig at Jagz in Spill Magazine, pick up a copy and check it out (see link at bottom).

Check out the gallery pages - there's now more pics from the gig with Visage (even some backstage!) and some cool ones from a recent rehearsal. Keep checking back as we've got loads more to come!

Keep rockin!

Tom, Rich, Mike, Lloyd & Jim

Spill Magazine Distribution -

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Review of Suzerain & Visage

Here’s some reviews of Thursdays gig:

plus photos

More to come…

Visage Gig & Heal Mikes' Hand

Hi Everybody,

Firstly, I’d like to say a huge thanks to all of you who charged the doors of Madame JoJo’s last Thursday to see us play. It was such an awesome gig for us, we didn’t know the place could hold so many people and we thought the floor was gonna cave in with all the dancing! You guys literally amazed us with your enthusiasm - WOW! As always we have some great shots of the gig and they’ll be up on the gallery pages ASAP, we also have a few good ones of you guys in the crowd – so be warned – you may appear on the Suzerain website soon… (if you have any pictures of the gig, or people at the gig send them in to us at

Unfortunately the fortunes of Suzerain have taken a temporary down-turn. Our beloved bass player Mike Smith has done himself a mischief and broken his poor little hand. It’s ok though – the doctors are working furiously to correct this problem of cosmic proportions, and he’ll either have a brand new bionic hand, or a cast on it for a few weeks - whichever we decide. Our other alternative of gluing some dreadlocks to an old TB303 bassline generator is also still under consideration – we welcome your thoughts on this.

Unfortunately this means that WE WILL BE UNABLE TO PLAY OUR GIG AT THE CABBAGE PATCH IN TWICKENHAM TONIGHT (29 March 2005). We are so sorry to the people who were hoping to catch us there, we’ll still be down there supporting the good cause, we just won’t be playing. It’s for Sports Disability and there 2 other great bands playing (The Vibrants & The Trend), get yourselves down there and party with us anyway.

On the upside, this gives us a break to finish our new demo (every cloud eh Mike!). As some of you will know the tracks on the website are just of Tom & Rich before the full band was formed. We’ve been in the studio and nearly have a completed demo with full band line-up. We’ll be releasing it on the website as soon as it’s ready for you all to devour, so please do keep checking the site and blog.

We have more gigs to announce too, mainly in central London, so again keep checking the site and blog for all the latest.

Heal Mikes' Poor Hand
Our final note for today, on advice of our personal spiritual coach Uri – we need your help. The image to the left is an image of Mike’s mashed up hand (click for larger image), we need you to touch the hand and think good vibes. It only takes a moment, touch the hand, let the good vibes flow. You can also print out the hand and keep it in your wallet, this is just as good.

Catch you soon!

Tom, Rich, Lloyd, Mike & Jim

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Suzerain & Visage Flyers 24th March 2005

Click images for printable versions.
(This ones easier on photocopiers)
Suzerain & Visage Flyer 24th March 2005
Suzerain & Visage Flyer 24th March 2005

Suzerain & Visage Madame JoJo's - SOHO

Hi Everyone,

Hope you're all good and have been enjoying the recent sunshine!

The big night is nearly upon us, this Thursday (24th March 2005) Suzerain will be playing Madame JoJo's in Soho with 80's new romantics Visage.

We've had such a knockout response from everyone, our initial ticket allocation went in an hour and a half! We've had our allocation doubled and we've also reached that limit too. Well done to everyone who's booked in advance. Your tickets will be available on the door, reserved under the name they were booked in, but to guarantee your entry you'll need to be at the venue (link at bottom) by no later than 9:15, plus a Suzerain flyer (See Above) and the £6.00 entry charge.

If you have not booked a ticket but would like to come to the gig you may still be able to get in, as long as you turn up to the venue by 9:00pm on the night of the gig, you'll also need a Suzerain flyer, tickets on the door are also only £6.00.

Those of you who've been to Madame JoJo's before will know about the cheap drinks offers, with bottles of Stella only £2.00 and vodka plus a mixer only £2.00 too – these offers are available all night. Thankfully it's a public bank holiday the next day!

For those of you unable to make it on Thursday (or maybe you'd like to do both), we have another gig for a charity Event at the Cabbage Patch in Twickenham, greater London on Tuesday 29th March. The event is in aid of Disability Sport England. Doors open 7:30pm - £7.00 entry. This is for a great cause, and you'll also get to see great local bands The Vibrants & The Trend. Hope to see you there. Flyer available on website later this week too.

So there you have it, can't wait to see you all there, it's gonna be a great gig and a great way to start the bank holiday weekend, and I don't have to tell you all to dress sexy – because you always do!

Tom, Rich, Lloyd, Mike & Sir James
P.S. After much requests to see more photos of you lovely Suzerettes we will be taking lots of photos of the crowd during the gig, so I guess I will say it again - DRESS SEXY!

Madame JoJo's

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Jagz Gig Gallery

The photo gallery for our Jagz gig on the 1st March 2005 is now up!

Click here to see it.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Suzerain (& Suzerettes) Rocked Jagz!

Hi Everyone,

Hope you’re all good!

Just want to say thanks to everyone who made it down to Jagz in Ascot to see us last night, especially those of you who travelled from London just to see us. It was a really great gig and we had such a good time hanging out with you all. Once again the girls dancing at the front did us proud, I hope we put on as good a show for you guys as you do for us!

Our next gig is the big one, supporting Visage on Thursday 24th March at Madame JoJo’s in Soho, the next day is good Friday so by law you all need to get drunk at the gig on Thursday night. For those of you in the Staines area we’re putting on a coach. Our ticket allocation sold out incredibly quickly when we first announced this gig, but we’ve managed to secure some more, so get in touch ASAP to reserve your place at this gig as it’s likely to sell out.

The next gig after that is going to be a charity event, keep checking the site and blog for full details.

As always we love your emails and comments on the blog so keep posting.

See you at JoJo’s!

Tom, Rich, Lloyd, Mike & Jim (IV)

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Suzerain Play Jagz - Ascot 1st March 2005

This is just a reminder to say we're gonna be playing Jagz in Ascot (right by the station) next Tuesday (1st March 2005 8:00pm), we're supporting a band called UNLESS, shouldn't be more than a fiver to get in. Should be a great gig, hope to see lots of you there!

Tom, Rich, Lloyd, Mike & James O'Sullivan IV

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Biography Updated

We've updated our biography section! It now includes all members of the band, take a look.

Monday, February 21, 2005

Suzerain Weekender - Big Thanks!

Hi Everybody,

Wow, what a weekend that was! Just want to say thanks to everybody who came along to see us play either or both dates over the weekend. Photos of both gigs will be up on the website later this week.

Friday night was quite a late one, after the initial tech problems we got down to playing the gig and you guys really blew us away with your enthusiasm! Big thanks to Paul and the Trickledown + PopAlt gang for organising such a diverse and great event. Well done for raising all the money you did for the DEC Tsunami appeal! Well done to all the girls that kept dancing and kept us going for the whole gig – WOW!

Sunday was a good gig, also not without its technical problems, great to see so many new faces there, you guys make the other bands jealous of our fans! Also like to say thanks for all your great emails, keep sending them in to, also keep posting your comments on the blog, we love ‘em!

We’re off to sleep for a week now! Just got time to say we’ll be doing a gig at Jagz in Ascot on Tuesday the 1st of March supporting UNLESS. Gig details will follow later this week.

Take care, see you out there!

Tom, Rich, Mike, Lloyd & Jim

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Suzerain Weekender!

Hi Everybody,

Hope you’re all good!

This is just to let you know that we have a mammoth weekend ahead! We’re playing the Tramshed in Tooting on Friday Night (18th Feb 2005), this will be part of a showcase of video/visual and musical artists from London, with Suzerain headlining the musical festivities. Doors open early at 7:30pm, we’ll be on stage at about 10:30ish. Videos from fresh new talent will be showcased all night and dancing will be expected with DJ’s from the excellent Pop Alt crowd. See links at the bottom of post for flyer and map of how to get to the venue.

We then have a day in the recording studio, recording new tracks that will feature the complete line-up of the band, watch the website and blog for details of when these songs will be available.

Then we complete the weekend with a night at the Dublin Castle in Camden (Sunday 20th Feb 2005). This is a historic music venue and promises to be a great gig, with bands from all over the country converging to provide a night of musical beauty. Doors open at 7:30, Suzerain will be headlining and will be on stage no later than 10:00. Links to the venue are also provided at the bottom of this post.

As always these are dress sexy events.

Lookin forward to seeing you!

Tom, Rich, Mike, Lloyd & Jim

P.S. All our allocated tickets for our supporting gig with Visage sold out within an hour and a half of mentioning it to the mailing list! We have managed to secure a limited amount of extra tickets, so if you’re interested email and we will sort some out for you, but please hurry.

flyer for Tramshed Tooting Gig (18th Feb 2005)
map to Tramshed
map to Dublin Castle
review of Madame JoJo’s gig – 12 Jan 2005

Suzerain Gig Review 12 Jan 2005

Taken from Feb 2005 issue of Spill magazine

As Suzerain start the first thing that hits you is a sound so large that it impacts physically on the audience. Within a few bars of opener ‘Together Insane’ the girls are dancing and the boys are nodding along to their electropoprocking grooves.

There is some serious juxtaposition going on here, for every pop twist there is a sinister turn. The keyboards veer from decadent eighties gloss to altogether more sinister pulses and swaves, ironically enough guitarist Rich Summers gives the impression of a young Bernard Summers, all skinny tie and menacing guitars underpinned by the throbbing basslines of Mike Smith. Frontman Tom oozes stage presence, genuine vocal ability and can communicate naturally with the audience. Including the random crazy tambourine and maraca shaking old hippy. Yes, really.

Songs such as ‘Neverland’ and ‘Bleeding Art’ are tight, heavy, catchy, accessible and confidently delivered. Catch these guys in an intimate setting while you still can because with performances, songs and attitude like this the only way is up baby for Suzerain.

Andrew Bennett

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Suzerain Gig Review - Spill Magazine

We've had a great review of our January 2005 gig at Madame JoJo's in Soho from the wonderful people at SPILL magazine!

Pick up a copy from your local distributor.

An excerpt (or full copy) of the review will be available on the website very soon...

New Suzerain Galleries

We've added some new shots to the gallery, click here or on the image below to see them.

Monday, February 07, 2005

Suzerain - Thanks - Electrowerkz Sat 5th Feb

Hi Everybody,

Thank you so much to all of you who made it down to Islington to see us play Electrowerkz on Saturday 5th Feb. We had a really great night and yet again you proved that you guys really do party the hardest!

We've got loads of photos of the night which will be put up on the website over the next couple of days – we'll let you know when that happens. We also managed to get a sound recording of the gig so any of you that missed any of the set can hear what you missed! Expect this on the site in the next couple of days.

We've got some great gigs coming up this month around Tooting and Camden, keep checking the website for latest details, flyers will also be sent out in the coming days.

We'd love to hear your comments on the gig (you can post anonymously and just leave your name at the bottom of your post).

Thanks again for your support – you ROCK!

Tom, Rich, Mike, Lloyd & James

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Suzerain Electrowerkz 5 Feb 05 Flyer

Click here or click on the image below for a hi-res version of the flyer to print out to get cheap entry to the Electrowerkz gig on the 5th Feb 2005.

Remember, it's £8.00 to get in on Saturday, other flyers will get you in for £6.50, but a Suzerain flyer will get you in for £6.00! Entrance also includes entry to Club Slimelight which is open till 7:00am.
We'll be on stage by about 8:00pm - don't be late! » MAP «

Suzerain Playing Club Electrowerks on 5th February 2005 - Doors Open 7:00pm

Monday, January 31, 2005

Advance Gig Notice - 5th Feb 2005 - Electrowerkz

Hi Everyone,

This is an advance notice to remind let you all know that Suzerain are playing at club Electrowerkz in Angel this Saturday 5th Feb 2005. Details of the gig including flyer, door time, maps and set times will follow later this week.

It's the Suzerain Pay-Day extravaganza! Let all those winter blues slide away with a hefty dose Suzerain goodness! Apparently the Electrowerkz is a 500 capacity venue - so we're gonna be pulling out all the stops on this one…

We're playing with 5 other bands from all over Europe, including Warren Suicide from Berlin (recently on Radio 1 with Steve Lamacq).

It's a fairly early one for us – we'll be on stage about 8:15, but entry to the gig also gets you free entry to the nightclub in the rest of the venue, so you can party your socks off afterwards if you're up for it (club open to 7:00am - only for the hardcore - you have been warned!), or you could just go down the pub!

For those who haven't seen, the photos are up of the last gig at Madame JoJo's.

Spread the word you lovely lovely people!

More details later in the week…

Tom, Rich, Mike, Lloyd & James (the Jackhammer)

Monday, January 17, 2005

Gig Reviews

Hi Everyone,

You've all been amazing at all our gigs! We love it when you guys write nice things about us.

Here's a cool one from ...


Big thanks to BabsFlamingo for her wonderful review here (go to the gig reviews section)...

And thanks to Nimstar for her lovely words...

More to come...

Friday, January 14, 2005

Photos From 12 Jan 05 Gig - SOHO - Madame JoJo's

Thanks to all of you who've been sending in photos from the gig on Wednesday!

You can view some of them here, or by visiting the following link:

Keep sending them in! (

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Suzerain Madame JoJo's 12 Dec 05 - Big Thanks!

Hi everybody,

This is just to say a massive thanks to all of you who came last night to see Suzerain headline Madame JoJo's!

It was a truly great night with all you Suzerettes giving it your all! We're so proud of the way you guys rock – especially on a school night!

I'd like to give a big thanks to Kim and Brad who organised the coach brilliantly and ask all of you, how the hell did you consume that amount of vodka in 5 minutes? You animals!

We've got some bigger gigs coming up now. We're playing with German Electro Meisters Warren Suicide (They're on a Radio 1 session this week) and a really out-there band called 'Scary B*tches'. It's gonna be at club Electrowerkz in Angel on Saturday 5th of Feb 2005. Door times will be fairly early at about 7:30. It's free entrance to the club upstairs afterwards for the truly hardcore of you (on till 7:00 am). We'll be putting on a coach again – so get your seat requests in early to avoid disappointment.

I think all of you who were there last night will know who won the 'Most Drunk' competition – and our lucky winner will find his rainbow-maraca like self up on the blog in the coming days!

What about Messiah eh? Such a big voice from such a little guy! Beltin!

We've received some great photos of the gig and will be putting them up on the site in the coming days. If you have any of the band or of you lovely Suzerettes then please mail them to and we'll get them up on the site. We'd especially like to see some photo's of the crazy contortionist girl who was break dancing at the front during the gig – ow!

Once again thanks guys for coming down – you really make the gig.

Tom, Rich, Mike, Lloyd & Jim

Monday, January 10, 2005

Club Noir Madame JoJo FLyer/Poster

Click the image below to download a copy of the flyer for the Suzerain Headline Gig on 12 Jan 2005.

Click here for a larger version.

100 Foot Tall Women!!!

At the dawning of the twenty-first century, the people of Earth looked upon the wonders they had wrought, imagining that they had dominance over their own destiny.

Like a child playing with matches in a pool of petrol, it only took one spark to ignite a consuming conflagration.

The power of genetics, sorely abused, posed a greater threat to Earth than Nuclear Weapons, The Blob and the Body Snatchers put together. Earth faced a plague of 100 foot tall women!!!

But Science, whilst causing the problem, was the only force on Earth that could provide a solution. In a dark and mysterious suburb of west London, minds immeasurably superior to our own plotted the destruction of the monolithic females, whose demands for gigantic Jimmy Choos was ruining the global economy.

An elite team of rock stars, including Bono, Phil Oakey, David Bowie, Trent Reznor and Jimmy Page combined their DNA and gave rise to a race of super-beings, who formed the last line of defense against the global menace.

Their names? Richard, Mike, Lloyd, Jim and Tom

Collectively, they took on the title-SUZERAIN!!!

In 2005 the fate of the world will be determined by one Band!!!

THRILL-as Rich battles the Zombies in a post apocalyptic hell!!!
GASP-as amazing special effects cause Mike's dreads to come alive!!!
SCREAM-as Lloyd is trapped on a distant world with Dr Zachariah Smith (ooer)!!!
SHOCK-as Jim defeats Mothra's attack on Staines!!!
HORROR-as Tom faces the leader of the gargantuan girls alone!!!

SUZERAIN: They're Mankind's only hope!!!!!!!

Robby the Robot

Suzerain Headline Club Noir 12 Jan 2005

Hi Everyone,

As most of you know, Suzerain will be headlining Club Noir @ Madame JoJo's this Wednesday the 12th Jan 2005. It our first gig of the year, and it's a headliner!

We'll be headlining above Rock nutters Messiah. You have been warned!

Entry is £5 on the door, or £4 with a flyer (see attached).

Door times are 9:30.

As usual it's cheap drinks all night, bottles of Stella £2 and vodka + mixer £2.

Those of you getting the coach from Staines will need to be at the Blue Anchor by about 7:30. You will be dropped back off by 1:00. Usual refreshments will be provided.

Prizes for the most drunk will be awarded!

Tom, Rich, Mike Lloyd & Jim

Madame JoJo's -

Map of how to get there -

Click below to download flyers/posters.