Monday, January 31, 2005

Advance Gig Notice - 5th Feb 2005 - Electrowerkz

Hi Everyone,

This is an advance notice to remind let you all know that Suzerain are playing at club Electrowerkz in Angel this Saturday 5th Feb 2005. Details of the gig including flyer, door time, maps and set times will follow later this week.

It's the Suzerain Pay-Day extravaganza! Let all those winter blues slide away with a hefty dose Suzerain goodness! Apparently the Electrowerkz is a 500 capacity venue - so we're gonna be pulling out all the stops on this one…

We're playing with 5 other bands from all over Europe, including Warren Suicide from Berlin (recently on Radio 1 with Steve Lamacq).

It's a fairly early one for us – we'll be on stage about 8:15, but entry to the gig also gets you free entry to the nightclub in the rest of the venue, so you can party your socks off afterwards if you're up for it (club open to 7:00am - only for the hardcore - you have been warned!), or you could just go down the pub!

For those who haven't seen, the photos are up of the last gig at Madame JoJo's.

Spread the word you lovely lovely people!

More details later in the week…

Tom, Rich, Mike, Lloyd & James (the Jackhammer)

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Anonymous said...

The Rock cometh, and that right soon...