Sunday, January 29, 2006

You Guys Were Fandangulous!!

Hello you lovely people,

Just a note to say thanks to everyone who made it down to the Bull & Gate on Thursday. What a night! I don't think we've ever played to such a responsive crowd! We had a fantastic night and hope you did too. Click here...

Our next gig is on Saturday 4th March at the awesome Camden Underworld. Those of you who were at our last gig there will remember that it was one hell of a night! Also playing will be the fabulous Soho Dolls.

Those of you who did see our last gig at the Underworld will remember The Modern. These guys were easily one of the best bands we've ever played with. We've got more shows coming up with them very soon, keep checking the site for details (Oh yes - and their ultra-cool video for 'Industry' is now on The Box, No 103).

That's all for now, you guys keep dressing sexy! See you at the Underworld!


Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Suzerain - Club Fandango - 26th Jan 2006

Well Hello There...

And how are you all? I hope you're all feeling great and excited about the year ahead - I know we are!

We've got perhaps the best gig of our career so far coming up. We're headlining the world famous Club Fandango. This is where many of todays chart toppers played on their road to victory, bands like Coldplay, Arctic Monkeys, Bloc Party, Razorlight to name but a few.

The gig is on Thursday 26th Jan 2006, we're on stage at 10:15ish. The venue is the Bull & Gate in Kentish Town (details below). There's also 3 other excellent bands playing - one of them the brilliantly titled 'Kate Mosh! See them and believe them!

Entrance is £5.00 with a flyer or more without. We'll send you flyers as soon as poss.

This gig will be talked about for a long time afterwards, we would love to share this amazing night with all of you!

We've also got a feature coming out in Burn Magazine early February. Read about our journey so far and what makes each band member tick...

There's also some rumours of a very large show indeed, details will be confirmed at Club Fandango.

If you make it to one of our gigs this year - make it this one!


Club Fandango -
How to get to venue -

P.S. Don't forget you can listen to tracks at

Gig of the Year! Thursday 26th Jan 2006 - Bull & Gate - Club Fandango!
Check out the video for Life On Film!