Monday, January 31, 2005

Advance Gig Notice - 5th Feb 2005 - Electrowerkz

Hi Everyone,

This is an advance notice to remind let you all know that Suzerain are playing at club Electrowerkz in Angel this Saturday 5th Feb 2005. Details of the gig including flyer, door time, maps and set times will follow later this week.

It's the Suzerain Pay-Day extravaganza! Let all those winter blues slide away with a hefty dose Suzerain goodness! Apparently the Electrowerkz is a 500 capacity venue - so we're gonna be pulling out all the stops on this one…

We're playing with 5 other bands from all over Europe, including Warren Suicide from Berlin (recently on Radio 1 with Steve Lamacq).

It's a fairly early one for us – we'll be on stage about 8:15, but entry to the gig also gets you free entry to the nightclub in the rest of the venue, so you can party your socks off afterwards if you're up for it (club open to 7:00am - only for the hardcore - you have been warned!), or you could just go down the pub!

For those who haven't seen, the photos are up of the last gig at Madame JoJo's.

Spread the word you lovely lovely people!

More details later in the week…

Tom, Rich, Mike, Lloyd & James (the Jackhammer)

Monday, January 17, 2005

Gig Reviews

Hi Everyone,

You've all been amazing at all our gigs! We love it when you guys write nice things about us.

Here's a cool one from ...


Big thanks to BabsFlamingo for her wonderful review here (go to the gig reviews section)...

And thanks to Nimstar for her lovely words...

More to come...

Friday, January 14, 2005

Photos From 12 Jan 05 Gig - SOHO - Madame JoJo's

Thanks to all of you who've been sending in photos from the gig on Wednesday!

You can view some of them here, or by visiting the following link:

Keep sending them in! (

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Suzerain Madame JoJo's 12 Dec 05 - Big Thanks!

Hi everybody,

This is just to say a massive thanks to all of you who came last night to see Suzerain headline Madame JoJo's!

It was a truly great night with all you Suzerettes giving it your all! We're so proud of the way you guys rock – especially on a school night!

I'd like to give a big thanks to Kim and Brad who organised the coach brilliantly and ask all of you, how the hell did you consume that amount of vodka in 5 minutes? You animals!

We've got some bigger gigs coming up now. We're playing with German Electro Meisters Warren Suicide (They're on a Radio 1 session this week) and a really out-there band called 'Scary B*tches'. It's gonna be at club Electrowerkz in Angel on Saturday 5th of Feb 2005. Door times will be fairly early at about 7:30. It's free entrance to the club upstairs afterwards for the truly hardcore of you (on till 7:00 am). We'll be putting on a coach again – so get your seat requests in early to avoid disappointment.

I think all of you who were there last night will know who won the 'Most Drunk' competition – and our lucky winner will find his rainbow-maraca like self up on the blog in the coming days!

What about Messiah eh? Such a big voice from such a little guy! Beltin!

We've received some great photos of the gig and will be putting them up on the site in the coming days. If you have any of the band or of you lovely Suzerettes then please mail them to and we'll get them up on the site. We'd especially like to see some photo's of the crazy contortionist girl who was break dancing at the front during the gig – ow!

Once again thanks guys for coming down – you really make the gig.

Tom, Rich, Mike, Lloyd & Jim

Monday, January 10, 2005

Club Noir Madame JoJo FLyer/Poster

Click the image below to download a copy of the flyer for the Suzerain Headline Gig on 12 Jan 2005.

Click here for a larger version.

100 Foot Tall Women!!!

At the dawning of the twenty-first century, the people of Earth looked upon the wonders they had wrought, imagining that they had dominance over their own destiny.

Like a child playing with matches in a pool of petrol, it only took one spark to ignite a consuming conflagration.

The power of genetics, sorely abused, posed a greater threat to Earth than Nuclear Weapons, The Blob and the Body Snatchers put together. Earth faced a plague of 100 foot tall women!!!

But Science, whilst causing the problem, was the only force on Earth that could provide a solution. In a dark and mysterious suburb of west London, minds immeasurably superior to our own plotted the destruction of the monolithic females, whose demands for gigantic Jimmy Choos was ruining the global economy.

An elite team of rock stars, including Bono, Phil Oakey, David Bowie, Trent Reznor and Jimmy Page combined their DNA and gave rise to a race of super-beings, who formed the last line of defense against the global menace.

Their names? Richard, Mike, Lloyd, Jim and Tom

Collectively, they took on the title-SUZERAIN!!!

In 2005 the fate of the world will be determined by one Band!!!

THRILL-as Rich battles the Zombies in a post apocalyptic hell!!!
GASP-as amazing special effects cause Mike's dreads to come alive!!!
SCREAM-as Lloyd is trapped on a distant world with Dr Zachariah Smith (ooer)!!!
SHOCK-as Jim defeats Mothra's attack on Staines!!!
HORROR-as Tom faces the leader of the gargantuan girls alone!!!

SUZERAIN: They're Mankind's only hope!!!!!!!

Robby the Robot

Suzerain Headline Club Noir 12 Jan 2005

Hi Everyone,

As most of you know, Suzerain will be headlining Club Noir @ Madame JoJo's this Wednesday the 12th Jan 2005. It our first gig of the year, and it's a headliner!

We'll be headlining above Rock nutters Messiah. You have been warned!

Entry is £5 on the door, or £4 with a flyer (see attached).

Door times are 9:30.

As usual it's cheap drinks all night, bottles of Stella £2 and vodka + mixer £2.

Those of you getting the coach from Staines will need to be at the Blue Anchor by about 7:30. You will be dropped back off by 1:00. Usual refreshments will be provided.

Prizes for the most drunk will be awarded!

Tom, Rich, Mike Lloyd & Jim

Madame JoJo's -

Map of how to get there -

Click below to download flyers/posters.