Thursday, January 13, 2005

Suzerain Madame JoJo's 12 Dec 05 - Big Thanks!

Hi everybody,

This is just to say a massive thanks to all of you who came last night to see Suzerain headline Madame JoJo's!

It was a truly great night with all you Suzerettes giving it your all! We're so proud of the way you guys rock – especially on a school night!

I'd like to give a big thanks to Kim and Brad who organised the coach brilliantly and ask all of you, how the hell did you consume that amount of vodka in 5 minutes? You animals!

We've got some bigger gigs coming up now. We're playing with German Electro Meisters Warren Suicide (They're on a Radio 1 session this week) and a really out-there band called 'Scary B*tches'. It's gonna be at club Electrowerkz in Angel on Saturday 5th of Feb 2005. Door times will be fairly early at about 7:30. It's free entrance to the club upstairs afterwards for the truly hardcore of you (on till 7:00 am). We'll be putting on a coach again – so get your seat requests in early to avoid disappointment.

I think all of you who were there last night will know who won the 'Most Drunk' competition – and our lucky winner will find his rainbow-maraca like self up on the blog in the coming days!

What about Messiah eh? Such a big voice from such a little guy! Beltin!

We've received some great photos of the gig and will be putting them up on the site in the coming days. If you have any of the band or of you lovely Suzerettes then please mail them to and we'll get them up on the site. We'd especially like to see some photo's of the crazy contortionist girl who was break dancing at the front during the gig – ow!

Once again thanks guys for coming down – you really make the gig.

Tom, Rich, Mike, Lloyd & Jim


Anonymous said...

Wicked gig last nite the atmosphere was great! There 3rd song 'time bomb' was definately my favourite! Cant wait for the next gig,keep the catchy tunes comin' fellas! Luv ya!

Anonymous said...

Fuckin great gig,well enjoyed it and the crowd loved ya(even the old groupies)!!

Anonymous said...

Thoroughly enjoyed it! Thats the first time ive seen u play,you were excellent! Thinking of turning into a rocker myself now!!

Anonymous said...

That was a fabulous gig in soho the other night boys!
i especialy thought the guy on keyboards was well fit!
do you know if he is into water sports, i would like to have him pee on me. why? Because i'm worthless.
I loved the better man song. see you at the next one.

carly x;(

Anonymous said...

"Please believe, it doesn't have to be this way......"

I kept singing that to myself the whole way through those first 2 acts....
If anyone has ever been to Vienna and been in the Sensorium at Prater Park they will appreciate the influences on the first kid....although the Chav Suzerain fan who let the side down by shouting wanker at him needs to be dragged outside and shot....Twat.
Suzerain!!! Top band, loved the look and the songs!!
Great gig laddies....
Tempted to drag myself to the next one but have an aldayer for my bday the next day so not sure yet...but I'm there with you in spirit brothers!
" Messed up in the head, you've got a savage disease"...your not wrong.

Anonymous said...

Carly, you sound like a classy young lady.....please make yourself known to me at the next gig....
I'll be the keyboard player in the Wet Suit.

Anonymous said...

What can I say? Much better live that the MP3's or the CD would have you believe. If you've not been to see them yet, do it.

"One last kiss" - what a song. What a great title too.

You guys need to get out of the basements and into the fields of Glastonbury and Reading though - give yourselves some space to move and bloom.

I've passed the MP3's about by the way - there's a lot of iPods out there with your tracks at the top of the playlist.

Anonymous said...

once again suzerain managed to play to a professional standard with a vibe that left the crowd wanting more. Unlike the loner with the space noises who was on first. lets hope he dies slowly and painfully like his set. Apart from that a great night all round keep the good stuff coming.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

he he-I wonder how long the above comment lasts b4 taking it down. I stand by my statements

Anonymous said...

been to the Sensorium in Vienna? Most of us are from Staines mate-Vienna is an Ultravox song to us!!!!

Anonymous said...

great band, great songs, great crowd, great vibe!!!
Watch this space - watch it go!!! Is all I can say. Well done once again Suzerain!!!