Monday, January 10, 2005

100 Foot Tall Women!!!

At the dawning of the twenty-first century, the people of Earth looked upon the wonders they had wrought, imagining that they had dominance over their own destiny.

Like a child playing with matches in a pool of petrol, it only took one spark to ignite a consuming conflagration.

The power of genetics, sorely abused, posed a greater threat to Earth than Nuclear Weapons, The Blob and the Body Snatchers put together. Earth faced a plague of 100 foot tall women!!!

But Science, whilst causing the problem, was the only force on Earth that could provide a solution. In a dark and mysterious suburb of west London, minds immeasurably superior to our own plotted the destruction of the monolithic females, whose demands for gigantic Jimmy Choos was ruining the global economy.

An elite team of rock stars, including Bono, Phil Oakey, David Bowie, Trent Reznor and Jimmy Page combined their DNA and gave rise to a race of super-beings, who formed the last line of defense against the global menace.

Their names? Richard, Mike, Lloyd, Jim and Tom

Collectively, they took on the title-SUZERAIN!!!

In 2005 the fate of the world will be determined by one Band!!!

THRILL-as Rich battles the Zombies in a post apocalyptic hell!!!
GASP-as amazing special effects cause Mike's dreads to come alive!!!
SCREAM-as Lloyd is trapped on a distant world with Dr Zachariah Smith (ooer)!!!
SHOCK-as Jim defeats Mothra's attack on Staines!!!
HORROR-as Tom faces the leader of the gargantuan girls alone!!!

SUZERAIN: They're Mankind's only hope!!!!!!!

Robby the Robot

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