Sunday, January 29, 2006

You Guys Were Fandangulous!!

Hello you lovely people,

Just a note to say thanks to everyone who made it down to the Bull & Gate on Thursday. What a night! I don't think we've ever played to such a responsive crowd! We had a fantastic night and hope you did too. Click here...

Our next gig is on Saturday 4th March at the awesome Camden Underworld. Those of you who were at our last gig there will remember that it was one hell of a night! Also playing will be the fabulous Soho Dolls.

Those of you who did see our last gig at the Underworld will remember The Modern. These guys were easily one of the best bands we've ever played with. We've got more shows coming up with them very soon, keep checking the site for details (Oh yes - and their ultra-cool video for 'Industry' is now on The Box, No 103).

That's all for now, you guys keep dressing sexy! See you at the Underworld!


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