Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Visage Gig & Heal Mikes' Hand

Hi Everybody,

Firstly, I’d like to say a huge thanks to all of you who charged the doors of Madame JoJo’s last Thursday to see us play. It was such an awesome gig for us, we didn’t know the place could hold so many people and we thought the floor was gonna cave in with all the dancing! You guys literally amazed us with your enthusiasm - WOW! As always we have some great shots of the gig and they’ll be up on the gallery pages ASAP, we also have a few good ones of you guys in the crowd – so be warned – you may appear on the Suzerain website soon… (if you have any pictures of the gig, or people at the gig send them in to us at pics@suzerainmusic.com).

Unfortunately the fortunes of Suzerain have taken a temporary down-turn. Our beloved bass player Mike Smith has done himself a mischief and broken his poor little hand. It’s ok though – the doctors are working furiously to correct this problem of cosmic proportions, and he’ll either have a brand new bionic hand, or a cast on it for a few weeks - whichever we decide. Our other alternative of gluing some dreadlocks to an old TB303 bassline generator is also still under consideration – we welcome your thoughts on this.

Unfortunately this means that WE WILL BE UNABLE TO PLAY OUR GIG AT THE CABBAGE PATCH IN TWICKENHAM TONIGHT (29 March 2005). We are so sorry to the people who were hoping to catch us there, we’ll still be down there supporting the good cause, we just won’t be playing. It’s for Sports Disability and there 2 other great bands playing (The Vibrants & The Trend), get yourselves down there and party with us anyway.

On the upside, this gives us a break to finish our new demo (every cloud eh Mike!). As some of you will know the tracks on the website are just of Tom & Rich before the full band was formed. We’ve been in the studio and nearly have a completed demo with full band line-up. We’ll be releasing it on the website as soon as it’s ready for you all to devour, so please do keep checking the site and blog.

We have more gigs to announce too, mainly in central London, so again keep checking the site and blog for all the latest.

Heal Mikes' Poor Hand
Our final note for today, on advice of our personal spiritual coach Uri – we need your help. The image to the left is an image of Mike’s mashed up hand (click for larger image), we need you to touch the hand and think good vibes. It only takes a moment, touch the hand, let the good vibes flow. You can also print out the hand and keep it in your wallet, this is just as good.

Catch you soon!

Tom, Rich, Lloyd, Mike & Jim


Bradders the Suzerizzle said...

Damn your eyes Mike!!! I hope it hurts a bit whilst its healing >-).
Your hands are now part-owned subsidiaries of Suzerain Inc., and thus you can be fined for damage to corporate property. Bah! I was well looking forward to the Twickenham gig tonight.

Anonymous said...

Girlfriends eh?!

muse said...

Couldn't be at the gig but was there in spirit... how could I not be?

Looks like you guys had a great gig, well done and big kisses to my beloved poet.

Anonymous said...

the bassist can come here to me... for some sexual healing ....

love you sexy dred Mike

Anonymous said...

Yo wicked gig in madame jo jo's! first time i saw you all and was blown away. You are my new fav band for the year! Lloyd man luv ya! your cousin Alex

Anonymous said...

Nice one Alex mate, glad you enjoyed it, was wicked to see you there! Hopefully I'll see you soon man! Just wanted to clear up this 'Mikes hand' business. Whatever you may have heard, he actually smashed his hand givin a certain Mr Strange a particularly vigorous handjob. Fact.

Lotsa love, Lloyd.xx

Bradders The Suzerizzle said...

Mikey must have been overcome by the new romantic spirit. You've got to see the backstage video of Steve Strange!

Dave Strange said...

So when you going to post the backstage video of steve strange, a few of us 'old' new romantics want some proof he is still actually alive!

Dave Strange said...

So when you going to post the backstage video of steve strange, a few of us 'old' new romantics want some proof he is still actually alive!

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Ruby Barclay said...

Hello Suzerain!
You probably won't know me (duh) but Rich, my dad knows your dad! He's called Richard Barclay by the way. Anyways, i love your music, it's really awesome.
Ruby Barclay