Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Suzerain & Visage Flyers 24th March 2005

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(This ones easier on photocopiers)
Suzerain & Visage Flyer 24th March 2005
Suzerain & Visage Flyer 24th March 2005


Bradders said...

I just gotta say, thats a classy flier.

Nimstar said...

Should be a great gig - looking forward to it!


Bradders the Suzerizzle said...

Wicked night at Jojos- love to all the Suzerettes rocking down the front. Nice one Steve Strange for being a cool and very buzzing guy.The Suzerain played to their usual mindblowing standard.
Can't wait for Tuesday in Twickenham.

muse said...

Yeah, nice flyer... who took the photo? ;o)