Friday, July 08, 2005

Suzerain Play Halfmoon Tonight

Hey Everybody,

After a day such as yesterday we can't wait to see you all tonight down at the Halfmoon in Putney. It's gonna be a great night and we're looking forward us much as you are to letting our hair down and having a good one.

Doors open at 8:00, we're on stage at 10:00. Entry is £5.00. Also playing are the excellent Teasers and Missing Man. No flyers necessary for this gig!

See you there.

Tom, Rich, Mike, Lloyd & Jim

Map to Halfmoon Putney

P.S. Dress Sexy ;-)

Next Gig - Fri 8th July - Halfmoon Putney


Bradders said...

well said lads- no terrorist scumbag trying to cuss our manor is going to stop us from rocking!!!
See ya there!!!!

Bradders said...

Alright, alright. Top gig, top partying, top crowd, all round electroglampunkpoprock wickedness!!
Roll on Saturday in Tooting!!