Friday, July 22, 2005

Suzerain LIVE at The Marquee - Be in our Video!

Suzerain LIVE at The Marquee - Leicester Square - London

The time is near...

Above is the flyer for our gig at The Marquee in Leicester Square - London (click here to download flyer). The gig is on Friday 29th July, doors open at 7:00pm, we're on stage at 8:30pm. Entry is £5 with the above flyer - more without. It's a special gig, let me tell you why...

We're putting a video together for our new song 'Life On Film' and we want your help. We're gonna be the first band to produce a music video composed with footage shot from camera/video phones - and we want you to be the camera men/women. If you have a phone that takes video clips or photos clear some of the memory and bring it to the gig, when the song comes on and we give the signal, film as much as you can of absolutely everything going on around you. We want footage of absolutely everything going on: people dancing, shouting, laughing/crying, (even) the band playing - whatever. Don't worry if your phone only takes short clips, doesn't record sound or you don't think the quality is that great, we want it all!

You can then email your video clips to, or MMS them to phone number 07782 126 346. Don't forget to include your name!

For every video we use, we'll put the senders name in the film and of course up on the website.

See you all at the gig!

Tom, Rich, Mike, Lloyd & Jim

P.S. As a lot of you could be immortalised on film - dress sexy!


Bradders said...

Ye gods!! That flyer is baaaaad!!!!! This video idea is wicked!!! Might have to buy myself a mobile with a camera just to be on it.

muse said...

Hiya from Oz sexy Suzerain boys,

You do realise you will have a lot of footage of people holding up their phones, filming other people holding up their phones, filming other people holding up their phones etc.? It's a great idea, hope it works out and (obviously) wish I could be there.

Come get me Tom.

Bradders said...

Trapped in work, just want to escape the crap and get up into town for some rock n roll craziness. I need to drink, consume narcotics and find some women of loose morals right the fuck now!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Howzabout, instead of calling fans suzerettes, you call them suzerholics? It'd be just as descriptive, and more accurate...

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