Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Suzerain Photo Shoot & Headlining Halfmoon in Putney

Hi Everybody,

Just want to say thanks to all of you who made it down to the Hope & Anchor on Monday - we had a great gig and you guys really went for it. We can't believe you guys sing along so much! And the dancing!

The picture above is sneak peek from our recent photo shoot with photographer Gavin Aslett and stylist Antony Price (Duran Duran, Roxy Music, Rolling Stones, Bowie etc). More pics from the shoot will be up on the gallery page in the next few days.

We're getting ready for our next gig on the Friday the 8th July - we're headlining the Halfmoon in Putney. Flyers will be available very soon, watch out for posters popping up too...

Ok guys and gals - stay safe and keep your emails coming in - we love 'em!

Tom, Rich, Mike, Lloyd, Jim


Bradders said...

Yeah, wicked one Monday lads.
'My Life On Film' and 'Leave it There ' rock harder than a very hard thing! Well looking forward to the pootney event

Anonymous said...

loving the pictures... the one above is my favourite... nice y'all look very noice hehehe xxxx

Anonymous said...

Whats your top 5 tunes to have playing whilst dressing up sexy and heading out to see Suzerain live?
1-Electric Dreams-Human League
2-Young Turks-Rod "Electro Don" Stewart (it may be Rodders, but its an electro classic!)
3-Master & Servant-Depeche Mode
4-The Model-Kraftwerk
5-Love & Pain- Clor

Anonymous said...

actually... i like to listen to a bit of fantomas... gets me wet!!! then suzerain finish me off!!! HELL YEAH. over and pout the babsmeister general xxxxx