Friday, May 13, 2005

Suzerain - Thursday May 19th 2005 - Madame Jojos - SOHO & New Media

Good morning fellow children of Satan... whoops, wrong post!!!

Hello everyone, hope you are all well!

We here at Suzerain Inc. are happy to announce the availibility of BRAND NEW songs in our Download section! You can now listen to set favourites 'Together Insane' & 'Wasted'. Happy listening!

Also we have some BRAND NEW promotional shots in our Gallery section taken by photographer Keir Harris and some new rehearsal pictures, so check 'em out!

Our main story tonight however is our last appearance for a while atlegendary venue Madame Jojos in the heart Londons' sexy/seedy SOHO district!! We will be playing there Thursday 19th May 2005 with trash-rockers Pornovurt and Dangerlust. As ever the drinks are cheap (£2 for a bottle of stella or spirit & mixer! Bargain!) and the dresscode is SEXY!!

Entry is £6 or £5 with a flyer. Doors Open 8:45pm, we'll be on stage by about 9:45pm.

Come and check us out at our spiritual home, it promises to be a LARGE one!

See you soon and stay beautiful...

Tom, Rich Lloyd, Mike & St James

P.s. You can download a pre-prepared page with 4 flyers on it by clicking here.


Anonymous said...

I shall be there, dressed all sexy for the best show in town on a thursday night! You will know me by the knee high dr martin boots, dancin like a loon and snoggin that sexy keyboardist toni flamingo... that's right, its me Babs flamingo, back from the 'burbs. i shall bring my homebirds of northwest laaaaandan (london) to ur sexy show.

oodles of noodle-eating poodle love

babs flamingo - as mad as a box of frogs tied up with a blue ribbon xx x x x x x x

ps... i phuckin love the new pics altho i fink i should do some x x x

Bradders said...

Excellent-more crazy fools join the legions of Suzerain. Bring plenty of your 'Homebirds' the suzerettes can always eat more....