Monday, March 06, 2006

Our fans make the Underworld Shake!

Hey everybody,

Really want to say hi and thanks to everyone who came down on Saturday to the Underworld, the place was literally shaking with your support!! You all looked amazing too! Really sorry to those that tried to buy a CD but missed out - we sold out so quickly! More will be on sale at the next gig...

Our next gig is at The Garage in Highbury (N5 1RD), it's with the most awesome 'The Modern'. The night is called Modern Love and will be a very special night indeed. For those that know the Garage, the gig is 'downstairs' - the big bit! Also playing are Parka - a name you are sure to hear about in the next few months - tipped for very big things!! The gig is on Friday 31st March, tickets are £8.00 in advance. The night is already over 50% sold out, we have a batch of tickets allocated to us available to everyone on our mailing list/mySpace friends. Email us at to reserve your tickets now...

Thanks again, see you at The Garage!!