Thursday, April 13, 2006

Bank Holiday Treats & New Suzerain Beats

Hey everybody,

We're so close to the Bank Holiday weekend - can you taste it!?! Whilst all of you will probably be lazing around in the Sun, drinking and generally living it up, we'll be in the recording studio! Yes - we thought it's about time we gave you all something new to wrap your ears around. Watch this space for updates... Can you guess which songs we're gonna do? Answers on an e-postcard!

It's only a couple of weeks till our next gig too, it's a biggy... Camdens famous KOKO (formerly Camden Palace). This place has SO much history. It was once owned by Steve Strange of Visage fame (who you might remember we supported a while back!), it also gave Madonna her first break in the UK. It's a massive lush venue with a HUGE sound system. The gig is an all day festival with about 10 bands called Electrofest, we're on fairly early in the day, also playing are Client, De-Vision, The Modern and loads others. It's on Sunday 30th April (May Day bank holiday weekend). Tickets are £13.00 - but we have them for £10.00! How much do we love you! Email to reserve one now.

We've also got some very very cool news to announce to you next week, watch this space...

Oh yes - and if you haven't noticed we've totally updated our mySpace site ( it's got new pics and graphics. Take a look!

Have top weekends people! See you on the other side!


Click here for a map to KOKO

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