Thursday, December 21, 2006

Happy Christmas From Suzerain!!

Well, it's been an eventful year for Suzerain. This is just a small note of thanks to all of you, who make everything we do worthwhile. Without you guys coming to gigs, downloading our songs and giving us your support - we couldn't do what we do.

Because of you guys we've had an AMAZING 2006! From the great gigs down at Madame JoJos - right up to our first festival appearance at the O2 Festival in Hyde Park. It's been a year to remember...

We've made some fantastic new friends along the way and said goodbye to some brothers who couldn't tread the entire journey with us. No matter what has happened though, you've made us feel welcome and been the best fans and crowds a band could ask for.

2007 sees the dawn of new horizons for Suzerain, taking new steps into new, uncharted territory. We won't, and cannot, stop marching forward, and with your support, we'll march on.

Tom, Rich, Mike, Ben & Matt


P.S. See some of you at Scala on the 30th Dec for a very very big gig!! XX

Next Gig: Scala - Kings Cross - 30th Dec 2006
Doors open 8:30pm

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