Thursday, May 17, 2007

Suzerain Win Best Alternative Act at the Indy Awards!

Thank you...

To Jeremy and everyone at the Indy Awards for having us and promoting the bands who work so hard to get heard... You guys organised a great night!!

To Kirk and the gang at the Half Moon in Putney for putting us forward and being a generally fantastic place for live music...

And of course to the wonderful, beautiful, talented and s3xy people who voted for us and who keep coming to our gigs!

We had a great night and the Suzerettes and Suzeroids could be heard cheering us on throughout the night at the Clapham Grand. Then we got hammered and spent the rest of the night watching the bands and playing with the large perspex block that is the Indy Award for Best Alternative Act 2006.

There's lots of photos around our myspace profile here:

Here's a video of us receiving the award and playing Life on Film...

Filmed by Dawsy

Thanks again to everyone who came along on the night and cheered the roof down!!!


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