Tuesday, December 07, 2004

The First Book of Suzerain...


And twas upon the seventh day, of the twelth month of the year of our lord 2004, that the legions of Suzerain did march forth from Staines, and fall like wolves upon the tower of Jagz, in the dark heart of the realm known as Ascot, within the fearful Stockbroker belt....

Many and mighty were those numbered among the armies of Suzerain, and verily their countenance was a sea of black, red and pinstripes.

Lo, and Brad was heard to cry unto the host

"Yea, and ye shall buzz",

And verily did they sup upon the strong ales, and indeed many retired to powder their noses.

Thence did Tom appear on stage, and cry forth "You have a savage disease, it gets better...".

None were sure what he meant, but were sure it must be something deep...

The Scribe of Fate

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