Wednesday, December 08, 2004

The Second Book of Suzerain...

Twas the sixty-third anniversary of Pearl Harbor, and the Legions of Suzerain did converge upon the field of Ascot.

From the four corners of Surrey they came, man, woman and miscellanous. Verily, and the first band to play upon that dread eve was known only as Mononoke. The dark-muse of Jagz, titled 'Reena', did claim "Influenced by Pixies they are, and even PearlJam-esque they be!"

Next to playeth were Kingskin, noted for their fine selection of merchandising and wicked leopardskin flares.

Soon, the Suzerettes had drunk well, and demanded that their rock gods did appear and preach the gospel of rocking unto them. Verily, and thence appeared Tom, Mike, Rich , Lloyd and Jimmy. Lo, and playeth well did they, and the other bands were insulted and shamed.

Certainly, compared to the first time they had taken the stage, the sound was a lot better, and the set saw the debut of new tunes, one named "Time Bomb", the other this scribe cannot recall. A good time was had by all, and verily it was well funny to see SexyRexy and the goth nerds hanging around, trying to get in with the crew.


The Scribe of Fate

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