Friday, December 17, 2004

The Fourth Book Of Suzerain...

Twas the night of Madam Jojos, and all through the Staines, the Suzerettes did gather, ready to get caned.

In the Blue Anchor they did meet, ready for a beer, then Natalie arrived, carrying lots of gear. BC did worry, for the coach had not arrived, if he f*cked up the transport, surely he would not survive. Nat made a phone call, the driver was late, time for another beer, and a half -hour wait. When it arrived, Brad and Nat were relieved, at the last moment disaster averted, they'd won a reprieve. Onto the coach, and BC gave a short talk,

"only with a flyer, off the bus you may walk".

Out came the Vodka, and the people gave a cheer, but BC was worried, he felt only fear, Yvonne got none, and she's Mike's old dear!

The toilet was locked, it was needed by Steve, Vicky did say "you should go before we leave!".

Into London they drew, the Suzerette horde, outside the venue they did queue, but none were bored. Soon appeared Mushnelle, then Morpheus too, "bloody hell" they said, "what a massive crew". Into the club and the drinking began, Stella Wine and Vodka, for all of the Clan.

First played Brain Hole, they were ok, not quite our style, maybe one day. Then came the hour, Suzerain would rock, nothing would stop them (other than the clock).

Rock well they did, and sounded great this day, all the birds were dancing, Suzerain earned their pay. An encore was played, Suzerain's first, everyone was rocking, like they'd rehearsed.

Soon the coach was leaving, but we didn't want to go, Chloe sold lots of CDs, stocks ran low. Back to Staines they went, and then on to home, everything was wicked, the bands profile had grown

The Scribe Of Fate

The Scribe of Fate shits on Lord Byron, and thinks Blake and Coleridge were poofs.

Please note: The opinions of the scribe of fate are not necessarily those of Suzerain. We don't know where he gets it from!

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Anonymous said...

Shut up Rich!! The views of the Scribe are entirely those of Suzerain! I tell you what to think!

Scribe of Fate