Tuesday, December 14, 2004

The Third Book of Suzerain...

"If she has got a cock, you've been warned"

With this stern and heartfelt admonition did Mike close the secret planning meeting of the forces of Suzerain.

Verily, long had all plots and schemes lead to this moment. The legions of electro-pop-indie-rockage would march on London, and lay waste to the venue, Madame Jojos, in an orgy of hedonistic destruction! To acheive this end, the band had recruited a brutal and licentious horde of followers, The Suzerettes, known for their superstition, ill discipline and lust for strong drink.

A mighty chariot (seating capacity:49) had been hired to bear the Suzerettes to their task, and lo, the keeping of this fearsome steed was given into the hands of BC and Nat. Verily, did BC warn the Suzerettes "Be thou outside the Blue Anchor by 7:30, or our vengeance will be terrible".

Many amongst the Suzerettes were discomfitted by rumors that the venue was an abode of Goths and Drag Queens, and mutiny was feared, but the threat of summary hanging restored discipline among the host. Now, all was hushed, the mood anticipation tinged with fear. What would await them at the end of their journey? who were these other bands? would it be safe to try and pull? what if that fit looking bird has got a cock? All of these questions, and more, would be answered with time....

The Scribe of Fate

The Scribe of Fate enjoys unicorns, magic pixie dust and Led Zeppelin's Ramble On.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Scribe & fellow Suzerettes - How about the Blue Anchor at 7 for a swift one to see us on our way?