Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Suzerain Jagz Gig - A Big Thanks

Hey everyone!

Just want to say a big thanks to all you lovely people who came to see us play Jagz in Ascot last night, we had a wonderful night and I hope you all did too!

I want to give a special mention to all the lovely Suzerain ladies at the front of the stage for making it extra special and giving the gig that rock star edge - we love you - you rock!

Well, the band are now retreating to their volcano lair to prepare forthe momentous night of the Madame JoJo's gig (Wed 15th Dec 2004), it's gonna be huge! The coach from Staines leaves at 7:30pm from outside the Blue Anchor, it returns to Staines by 1:00am. Cheap drinks all night.

Once again - you guys are the best!

Rich + The Gang

P.S. Massive thanks to Sarina for putting on such a good night!

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