Thursday, December 16, 2004

Madame JoJo's Gig - Big Thanks!

Hi Everyone,

This is just to say thanks so much to everyone who made it down to Soho to see us play Madame JoJo's on the 15th Dec 2004. Big thanks to Nat and Brad for organising people on the coach!

It was a great night and it was wonderful to see so many of you dancing and rocking out on the dance floor!

We had amazing feedback from the promoter and the venue, but you guys really made the night.

Send us your photos of the night (not just of the band, you guys were lookng great too! we like camera phone pics too!) to The entries will then be put together into a wall of shame/fame!

Let us know what you thought of the gig by posting a comment below (you don't need to register, just use anonymous and sign your name at the end of the post).

We love you all!

Tom, Rich, Mike, Lloyd, James


Anonymous said...

Hey there, really enjoyed madame jojo's, i think the same goes for everyone there. Good atmosphere in the crowd and great energy from Suzerain. Thoroughly rocking night!

Look forward to seeing you guys again!


Anonymous said...

Lo,and he did say unto them "The giggeth was wicked and biggeth up to all the coach party". The people of Suzerain did acheive total decisive victory in the battle for Madam Jojos, and didn't everyone look wicked.

The Scribe of Fate

COMING SOON:The Fourth Book of Suzerain
Bow before their might!!!!

Anonymous said...

The Scribe doth ask: when will Suzerain t-shirts be available? we all want to wear pictures of Tom's head!

The Scribe of Fate

Anonymous said...

The Bennett was there and saw that it was good, oh yes.

Anonymous said...

terribly impressed! stood there in awe... tried to hold on going to the toilet just so i wouldn't miss any of the set! he he... was tempted to go on the dancefloor - but i would've made way too much mess! Lloyd - ur letter will be hand delivered and can i have a EP cos do u lot fancy playing at Westminster university? aaaanyways... very very impressed! loved it.

meerry chrimbo Lou x

Anonymous said...

Tom is a god.